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Billionaire Busts Free Speech

November 16th, 2011

Michael Bloomberg, the 12th richest man in the United States, decided that the non-violent protestors in Zuccotti Park were enough of a threat that he had to send in the NYPD equivalent of the Tenth Mountain Division to rout them. His shock troops threw people to the ground, punched a woman in the face, slashed and trashed the property of the Occupiers, roughed up and arrested members of the press, preventing them from doing their jobs, and ignored a Temporary Restraining Order to allow the Occupiers back in the park. They threw out thousands of books from the OWS library. So much for Freedom of Speech…

Bloomberg is The Reason there is an Occupy Wall Street.

Guests today included  Bob Marcus of http://peaceandjusticeonline.org, a coordinating group for anti-war and Occupy groups on Long Island, New York; and  Buck Gorrell of Occupy Nashville (media@occupynashville.org)